August 23-25, 2017
São Paulo, Brazil
Recurrence plot symposium São Paulo 2017.

Focus Issue

Participants of the symposium are invited to contribute to the focus issue Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Understanding Complex Systems (tentative title) in the journal Chaos. All contributions will be peer-reviewed in order to meet the journal standards for publication which are very high and, thus, not all submitted papers will necessarily be accepted by the peer reviewers. All papers must describe new and original research, not mere reiterations or summarizations of previous works, with the exception of review papers. If you are interested in contributing a review paper, please inform us in advance.


Authors are encouraged to write and submit either research letters or regular articles (no page limit). Specific publication guidelines are found at the Chaos Website: Guidelines (Template can be found at


information about submission will come soon.


Manuscript submission: January 31, 2018