September 22-24, 2021
Lublin, Poland
Recurrence plot symposium Lublin 2021.

Registration and Abstract Submission

Registration fee (to be paid until June 30th): 150 EUR (regular), 75 EUR (students)
Reduced registration fee for virtual participation: 50 EUR (regular and students)
The fee includes all the material for the conference, refreshment breaks, lunch, banquet, local transport, and cultural events.

Attendee needs to complete the registration (not submission) by payment of the registration fee. The payment can be done after receiving the acceptance letter. The payment procedure is open through July 31st.

On-site registration and payment is not possible!

Direct transfer the fee to the account:
IBAN: PL78 1240 5497 1111 0000 5006 2364
Bank name: Banku Pekao S.A.
Bank Address: Bank Pekao S.A. o/Lublin, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 72
Recipient name: Lublin University of Technology
Subject/Annotation (important!): 9ISonRP (plus your Name, see note below)

Be sure to indicate your payment with the annotation 9ISonRP plus your name, as this is a sub-account and your payment will be lost if the university is not able to identify your payment.

Please register and submit an abstract of your contribution (regular talk, poster or workshop session) by using the following form. You can use LaTeX or HTML style for the abstract. Abstracts can have up to 400 words. (All personal fields have to be filled out! Please do not capitalise whole words!)

The abstracts of all accepted contributions will be published in the symposium abstract book.

All accepted posters displayed at the meeting will be evaluated by committee for an award recognizing excellence in presentation and significance in contribution to nonlinear science.

Please use only regular ASCII letters! Non-ASCII letters and special characters such as accents, greek letters, and umlauts can cause problems. You can use LaTeX coding to express such letters and characters.

Personal Data:
Title:    Gender: Female Male Diverse Not given
First name:
Postal code:
Participation Physical    Virtual
Contribution (Talk or Poster):
don't capitalise the entire title!
use only standard ASCII letters (use LaTeX code for non-ASCII and accents)
separate authors by comma (not semicolon)
use only standard ASCII letters (use LaTeX code for accents)
Type: Talk    Poster Workshop None
Workshop: I'm interested in the practical workshop
I will contribute data/ programmes for the workshop
Please suggest your specific problem to be discussed at the workshop:
Are you a human? =

Specific privacy statement for conference registration

We collect and hold personal data about registrants of the symposium in a manner consistent with the lawful bases as outlined in the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The following information are collected and stored: name, institution, address, email, phone number, payment status (amount and date of payment), and data of the conference contribution (authors, title, abstract, type of paper, workshop interest). This information is used for organisational purpose and to maintain the communication between the organisation committee and the participants. We do not share the data with any other party. By registering for the symposium, you give your consent to collect and store your data. The data will be stored for one year after the symposium and then archived for additional 10 years. You can ask us anytime about your personal data that we have collected and stored (email to Norbert Marwan). You can also request to delete your data. But note that then the participation of the symposium cannot be guaranteed anymore.

Further points to be noted

For the participants of the symposium, a list of participants will be issued. If you would like not to be listed, please inform us until September 1, 2021.

During the symposium, photographs will be taken which will be used for public relation activities. If you do not like to be photographed let us know until the check-in, September 22, 2021.

Conference presentations (talks and posters) will be collected and shared within the participants after the event via a password protected repository. However, we will share only those presentations we will have received written consent (will be collected during the event).

(last updated: 2021-01-22)